Vision for Life Beyond Oxford 

I call this website "Beyond Oxford,"  to remind myself that Oxford, for all its wonders and failings, is a pen-ulitmate step.  By the grace of God I am training to be a theologian and scholar in the Middle East, passionately witnessing about God in Jesus Christ by providing faithfully Christian approaches to issues of religion, culture, and politics in both academic and church settings. As such, I aim to have three spheres of influence, each with appropriate goals.

1.     The Public Sphere

I hope that my scholarship and theology will affect public life, or, the public sphere.  This refers to the places where people and organizations come together “to discuss and identify societal problems and through that discussion influence political action (universities, think tanks etc.)” There are good reasons for Christians to believe that those outside the walls of the church will occasionally agree with us in identifying problems affecting the common good and in naming solutions to those problems. So far as it depends on us, let us live peaceably with all. 

2.      The Church

I remain firmly convinced that the Church is God’s unique vessel for bringing about his Kingdom on this earth. While we eagerly long for agreement with those outside the church, there will also be cultural and political issues which the Church must speak to with a prophetic and counter-culutral voice (while also repenting of her inability to do this well and fully). Accordingly, I hope to dedicate the greater portion of my efforts to edifying her with my scholarship in the area of religion, ethics, and politics, enabling preaching and discipleship on these matters to be more effective throughout the MENA region. 

3.     The Individual

By the end of my lifetime, I am praying that God will use me to raise up at least 3 new world-class Arab theologians who have a heart for issues concerning the Christian gospel and public life. Such persons, I pray, might come to resemble the likes of Charles Malik. 





  •  Obtain M. Phil in Theology from Oxford. 
    • Degree Awarded Summer 2017 with Distinction. 
  •  Obtain Ph.D in similar field. 
    • Awarded Oxford Clarendon Scholarship for 2017-2019
  • Join a Faculty at a University in the Middle East. 
  • Produce Scholarship on issues affecting religion and public life in the Middle East. 
  • Partner with Christians in the Middle East  to help train a new generation of pastors, scholars, and theologians who can effectively live and proclaim the gospel in the region.